Mary Heron has enjoyed a stellar career in the Travel Industry since arriving from Scotland .  Mary has worked with some of the largest and best travel companies and continues to upgrade her skills at every opportunity.

Mary attended the University of Glasgow and upon arriving in Canada attended Waterloo University and has continued taking Sales/Marketing courses at  the Schulich Business School. 

She has hands on experience of working with and leading at all various managerial levels  in major corporations and within government bodies..  She  is a driven individual who is results oriented and at the same time creates an enthusiastic approach to achieving those results.

Mary has held Senior Executive positions with Emirates and British Airways and  held  the position of VP sales and marketing at a major UK  owned Tour Operator. She has also launched  her own marketing company representing key retail franchise agencies in Canada.

Mary is passionate about travel and volunteers her time as Chair of Advisory Committee for Tourism and Hospitality at  a local college.  She is active in encouraging the next generation to contemplate a career in this exciting and challenging profession.  She is also a member of several trade associations